• Taylor Gray

    Spectre 6 to ghost, Ezra Bridger coming in. Rhys interviews the one and only Taylor Gray, best known as Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels.

  • Danielle McRae

    Rhys interviews the one and only Danielle McRae about her roles in World of Warcraft, league of Legends. They both also discuss Mental Health and more.

  • Loremaster Aasil | Interview

    Rhys interviews the Loa of Tarot. Loremaster Aasil also discusses her adventures in World Of Warcraft and she even does a Tarot reading on the show. We also discuss Elune […]

  • World of Warcraft: Jaina snaps | Fanfiction by lord22

    Theramore is destroyed. Everything Jaina Proudmoore has worked for has been for nothing. Rather than go back to the Alliance and become a brooding warmonger, Jaina decides on a more […]

  • Patty Mattson – Interview

    I was lucky enough to be able to interview the Dark Lady herself, Patty Mattson the voice behind Sylvanas Windrunner discusses her role with Rhys. Enter now to win a […]

  • Comic Con: I met Asa Butterfield

    One of the best moments of my life. I attended Comic-con. Rhys and Sam discuss everything that happened when they visited Birmingham to meet Asa Butterfield known as Otis Millburn […]

  • Christmas Special

    MERRY CHRISTMAS listeners! Charlie and Rhys discuss what Christmas means to them, Mental Health on Christmas and the NHS staff who work incredibly hard on Christmas. Rhys explains Christmas day […]

  • We Likey Twice

    Twice is a successful Korean group who have dominated Japan and Korea, the girl group debuted back in 2015 with their song OOH AHH OOH AHH. However rose to fame […]

  • Ladies like armor plating

    Rhys discusses his obsession with Halo. Halo Combat Evolved was loved by millions and was the breakthrough game that made Xbox and FPS what they are today. There’s nothing more […]


    Rhys and Julia discuss their obsession with the world breaking KPOP group BLACKPINK who are dominating and making records. Welcome to the very first podcast episode. LET’S DDU DU DDU […]